Who does not dream of having a private home theatre? Inicio Automation can make your dream come true. Owning a personal cinema will definitely not dig a big hole in your pocket, believe us.

We at Inicio Automation, love designing value for money audio video solutions because we ourselves understand that it is not easy to invest too much on technology when you are already spending lakhs on your interiors.

Why do we say these solutions are inexpensive? Let me put it this way, in case you do not setup a home theatre with a projector, what size LED TV will you most likely end up installing in your new living room? Our 8 years of experience says that most consumers in India end up buying anything between a 55” to a 75” LED TV for their living rooms.

Average estimated costs for these TVs:
55” Full HD LED TV – Rs. 60000
65” Full HD LED TV – Rs. 1,60,000
75” Full HD LED TV – Rs. 4,00,000

Believe it or Not – For the differential price that you pay to increase your TV size by 10” you can fulfil your dream of having your dream home theatre. An entry level home theatre can cost you as less as a Lakh of rupees, exactly the average cost difference between a 55” and 65” led TV. What this will buy you is a decent contrast ratio Full HD projector, a 120” projector screen and an entry level surround sound system.

Yes, 120”, double the size of the TV that you were intending to install and at only 10” differential cost. And trust us, size does matter. If you have enough floor to ceiling height, we could even design a 150” screen size for you in a similar budget without any compromise on resolution, full High Definition, 1080p. Why then would you spend that amount on increasing your TV size by 10”? And for the differential price between a 55” and a 75” TV we can help you design a 3D Atmos Home Theatre that is to die for.

Too good to be true, there has to be a flip side to this, isn’t it? Yes there is. Disadvantage of using projectors is that you need a fair amount of darkness if you want to enjoy the experience, else the display seems faded. The only compromise that you need to make is that you will need to dim or switch off most lights when you want to use your projector. But honestly, think about it, when will you really use your home theatre, either while watching exciting matches or for enjoying a cosy movie on your lazy couch, isn’t it? In either case you don’t really need a brightly lit environment. Hence Inicio Automation system designers always design all home theatres with both, a TV and a projector. General viewing like daily soaps, news, etc. can be viewed in bright light on the TV and set up a cosy ambience to enjoy a projector when you want the theatre experience.

This way, you can get the best of both worlds - a good sized TV and your private home theatre. And that’s our most recommended way of doing it, set up a home theatre in your living room. Since real estate prices have soared so high, every square foot of space costs a bomb. Do not get us wrong, if you have enough space for a dedicated home theatre, that’s the best way of going about it. Nothing can beat the experience of an acoustically treated dedicated home theatre room. But do not drop the idea of a home theatre just because you do not have a dedicated room. In fact there are several advantages of setting up home theatres in living rooms. Living room is generally the room in which you can seat most people. So whether you want to spend quality family time watching a movie or whether you want to gather friends and relatives to watch the exciting finals together, your living room can accommodate them all and your home now becomes your social entertainment pad, your private lounge.

We, at Inicio Automation, can help you design this home theatre optimally, to fit your budget constraints and the design needs of your architects. We offer state of the art in ceiling and in wall speakers that can blend into your interiors and still offer you the best acoustics possible. Motorized Projector screens roll up into the pelmet and are invisible when not in use. Motorized projector lifts can be used to hide the projectors in the false ceiling. Check out this youtube of one of our projects to understand this concept better - – Says it all. Visit our experience centre for a live demo of the same.

Make space for your private home theatre now.
Dreams do come true.